Romantic Shayari

A Huge Shayari Collection

by Sam

If I Never Met you

If I Never Met you,
I Wouldn’t Like you.
If I Didn’t Like you,
I Wouldn’t Love you.
If I Didn’t Love you,
I Wouldn’t Miss you.
But I Did, I Do,and I Will !!!

by Sam

I took your love for granted

I took your love for granted,
Could not see through my blind eyes,
I did not know how much I loved you,
Now, in pain, I realize.

You’ve found someone, I know you, Love,
But the flame you lit burns on,
I’ve really got to let you go,
I must accept… you’re gone.

I wish I could just rewind time
To how it was before,
But however much she loves you now,
I will always love you more.